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Band Music
Band Music

Tom Morello enters this list as one of the great guitar players of the time that chose to spend hours and hours honing his skill, so he could show music to others when he did his performances. I find it very, very exciting when I see a person who comes from humble backgrounds and makes it to fame and big time results, because they deserve it. When you start from humble beginnings and you are able to get the results you want, you deserve to have all the things that come with it, especially the ability to glorify God with your work.
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The Business of Music

Lil' Wayne
Lil’ Wayne

Many people think that being a music is just about having many fans and getting all the fame and recognition and money that comes with it. Funny thing is that many people think they know about the music business. You do not know about the music business if you think it is all about that. Music is definitely something that will leave you drained, just for the process of fan acquisition. Have you ever started from scratch, only to end up without the results that you want? Have you ever wondered what it takes to have one million people listen to your music as you spit your bars, spit your lines, sing your verse, or do some a cappella? You need to be willing to improve your craft, so people are willing to spend time of their lives listening to your music. You want to have a state where you have a devoted list of fans who will truly want to listen to your music over and over again. The last thing you want to do is spend your time just making music, only to find out that you do not know how to sell them, which is the important thing to do. If you are not able to sell your music, then what is the point? What is the pint if you are not able to have the desire to grow your skills and get the gigs and stadiums you want?

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We are the Guitar Guys!

Welcome to which guitar site. We want to first thank you even coming to our site, it means a-lot to us personally. We know this may sound odd… maybe we were destined to meet up on our site I do not know? That was just a little food for thought in case you were asking. We are different type of guitar site. We are a guitar site that is more worried about pulling the strings of your heart then pulling regular guitar strings.

Guitar Guys ~newdeanewnew
Guitar Guys ~newdeanewnew

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