The Business of Music

Lil' Wayne
Lil’ Wayne

Many people think that being a music is just about having many fans and getting all the fame and recognition and money that comes with it. Funny thing is that many people think they know about the music business. You do not know about the music business if you think it is all about that. Music is definitely something that will leave you drained, just for the process of fan acquisition. Have you ever started from scratch, only to end up without the results that you want? Have you ever wondered what it takes to have one million people listen to your music as you spit your bars, spit your lines, sing your verse, or do some a cappella? You need to be willing to improve your craft, so people are willing to spend time of their lives listening to your music. You want to have a state where you have a devoted list of fans who will truly want to listen to your music over and over again. The last thing you want to do is spend your time just making music, only to find out that you do not know how to sell them, which is the important thing to do. If you are not able to sell your music, then what is the point? What is the pint if you are not able to have the desire to grow your skills and get the gigs and stadiums you want?


There are Some Points You Should Know

Just because you know about the music business from reading a book does not mean you know about the music business skills necessary to learn. You can make sure that you have manufacturing on schedule and it will determine when your CDs will be here. However, you have to make sure that you are actually “lost in the sauce” by having the business skills necessary to learn. Even if you know who labels are and who distributors are, then you need to jump into the game, because these business are dealing with people, not just indirect companies.

Do not get me wrong.

You can be a fanatic and enjoy the art of music; however, if you want to know what it really takes to get the business up and running, then you need to jump in the business. You do not enter the music industry with the desire to be the best by only looking at things from some fan’s perspective. You have to be the one to be independent and learn how to get things done, which is what matters; not how much knowledge is in your head. It is the knowledge that is applied that matters. If you have all the knowledge in the world and do not use it to add value to people’s lives, then at that point, it is quite worthless, because you were not able to help others. Sure, you may have stopped doing something that you would have done otherwise that may have harmed them. However, you do not want to hurt others, so be sure to spread your knowledge with others, because keeping others ignorant is not the way to go


Instead of being a fanatic about it, be a DOER!


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